November 17 - 20:00

Irakli Khoshtaria's one act play wih puppets - "Paradiso". 
The story takes place in elderly shelter where three old man with different nationality together count on their last days on earth.

Except sweet and bitter memories of their lives, their attention is drown to the nursing aid – Bonita. Her appearance always awakes different emotions and interests in them. Because of those emotions they find courage in themselves to forget about their age at least for a while. Each and Every appearance of Bonita is the reason why three old men become competitive like little boys.

Director : Irakli Khoshtaria
Author : Ketevan Chachanidze
Choreographer: Lasha Robaqidze

Entrance Fee: 10 Gel

Kakha Bakuradze's Movement Theatre

Agmashenebeli Ave. №182, Mushtaidi Garden