One-act Mystery with live music
The performance describes different phases of human’s lives. People are moving in endless labyrinth like social, urban, emotional or communicative. Often we are creating labyrinth and we do it unconsciously.
The audience is undivided part of the performance, they can move around the stage and watch the performance from the different angles.

The performance is the synthesis of bodyart and fairy tale.


The story unfolds in the mythical continent of Pompos, which is ruled by the family of Fans. A dangerous fugitive criminal from prison kidnaps Dos, the Princess of the Empire of Pompos and locks her up in a horrible castle which clumsy Tio and Stubborn Jina attempt to unlock.

Abracadabra is one act illusion.


The famous illusionist is late for the performance «Abracadabra». At that very moment its lookalike leaps on to the stage instead him. The lookalike is trying to show the audience as many tricks as he can until the illusionist turns up in the theatre.