January 23 - 20:00

William Shakespeare "The Tempest"

Director: Ioseb Bakuradze
Composer: Sandro Nikoladze
Choreographer: Lasha Robaqidze

January 24 - 20:00

Irakli Khoshtaria's one act play wih puppets - "Paradiso". 
The story takes place in elderly shelter where three old man with different nationality together count on their last days on earth.

January 25 - 20:00

Divine Comedy / Dante Aligieri
Runtime – 1:20
Language: Non verbal

January 25 - 13:00

Театрально-вокальная студия Art Boom ( средняя группа)
По мотивам сказки А.Д. Экзюпери "Маленький Принц"

January 25 - 15:00

Театрально-вокальная студия Art Boom ( подростковая группа )
комедия «Страсти по гоголю» ( спектакль в спектакле )

January 26  - 20:00

Tamada in Manhattan - Premiere
Georgian-American Premiere – “ Tamada in Manhattan".
The project is supported by the US Embassy.
A joint musical performance by the Movement Theatre and Company E.

January 28 - 15:00

Astigmatists Mute Movie

Astigmatists see the world differently, but even they are different from eachother. Unsatisfyed grandfather is trying to defend family traditions.

January 28 -  20:00

Jam Session at Movement theatre
Impro music

Musical art director - Sandro Nikoladze
Special Guest :

January 29  - 20:00
Every Wednesday we invite you to A Lo Cuban Night's Dancer from Cuba will teach you Latin Dance with live music from Mary um

January 30-31  - 20:00

“Igi” is the stage version of one of the remarkable stories written by Jemal Karchkhadze, the 20th-century Georgian publicist and writer, which tells the story of human evolution, from prehistoric times to the formation of personality and the fight with the environment and society since then.

February 1 - 20:00

Sandro Nikoladze's Musical Alegry
"Intro" is the masterful combination of dramatic circus and modern theatre.The music show, which represents the visions of Sandro Nikoladze, the composer, comes to life on the stage.

February 2 - 20:00

The story of a murderer-several murders by Jean-Batist Grenui in the name of making perfect parfume. (story based on Patrick Zuiskind ”Parfumer”).