September 15  - 20:00

One act Mystery 
With Live Music

September 12, 19:00, 21:00

იდეის ავტორი, რეჟისორი, ქორეოგრაფი - ჯეკ ტიმერმანსი
დეკორაციის მხატვარი - პინკ სტინვორდერი
განათება - მარეკ სიუნელი
კოსტიუმების მხატვარი - ვიქტორია ცზაკონი
მუსიკა - პოლ ვან კემენადე (საქსაფონი), სტევკო ბუში (პიანინო)
September 10  - 20:00

One-act choreographic sketch

Director and Choreographer: George Ghonghadze
September 9  - 20:00

One act Mystery 
With Live Music

September 8  - 20:00

One Act Comedy "Don Juan"

Young Don Juan walking from house to house to his lovers with his servant-Sganarel. Suddenly on the square they meet Commodore’s statue. Comic story about why does Don Juan left the city and for whom he came back.
September 7  - 20:00

The play comprises from several novels: "A Beautiful Morning”, ”The Artist " (Niko Firosmani), ”The Cinema”, ”Shirley Bassey”, ”Host and Guest”, ”Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Director: Kakha Bakuradze
July 23  - 20:00

Nuci Nebieridze (Voice)
Papuna Sharikadze (Piano)
Reso Kiknadze (Tenor/Soprano Sax)
Khondzi G. Junk (Alto Sax)
Levan Deisadze (Bass)
July 2 - 20:00

Performance “ Eclipse”

Director : Nino Burduli
Artist: Nino Tatarashvili

June 30, 21:00

Kakha Bakuradze
Sandro Nikoladze
Simon Bitatdze
Levan Mikaberidze

June 30

The Movement Theatre and GEM fest present the first common experiment!

Movement theater will be participating in a 'Gem Warm-up Party', that will be held on June 30th.

June 29 - 20:00

William Shakespeare "The Tempest"

Director: Ioseb Bakuradze
Composer: Sandro Nikoladze
Choreographer: Lasha Robaqidze
June 28, 20:00

Argentine Tango Lessons at Movement Theatre
By School of Argentine Tango Tbilisi & Tango House.
1 Tango Workshop : 6 Classes ( for all levels) 
1 First class on Wednesday, 24 May at 8 p.m.